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The Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon

Every year since 1975 photographer Nicholas Nixon has photographed his wife and her three sisters. Always in the same order, always with the same camera, and the sisters together agree on the final image each year. The St. Louis Art Museum is currently hosting a free exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the project, and it is amazing.

"Being an only child, it was really gratifying and lovely to be embraced by this family. There's still a ground water of affection, and support. I look back at these thirty-some pictures and it's like they're of my sisters. I can feel myself getting old with them. And I'm part of them; they're part of my love." -Nicholas Nixon

In the first photograph the sisters are facing the camera straight on, almost defiant, with minimal interaction. In the last photograph, taken in 2014, the sisters leaning on each other, intertwined, reminding us all about the power of love and family. It is a beautiful exhibit, on display until April 2015. Go view it with people you love, and when you are done, take a portrait.


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