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St. Louis Public Radio Audio Quiz

I wanted to create a video using audio files, and there is no better place for source material than my favorite local public radio station. Are you a super fan? Listen to 22 St. Louis Public Radio voices in under 3 minutes and see how many you can identify.

Spoiler Alert! Don't click on Read More below until you are ready for the answersblogEntryTopper
The voices, in order are:
Geri Mitchell
Rachel Lippmann
Joseph Leahy
Camille Phillips
Nancy Fowler
Don Marsh
Willis Ryder Arnold
Durrie Bouscaren
Jason Rosenbaum
Marshall Griffin
Steve Potter
Kameel Stanley
Tim Lloyd
Jo Mannies
Greg Munteanu
Jim Howard
Gerry Rhode
Maria Altman
Dale Singer
Charlie McDonald
Dennis Owsley
Mary Leonard

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