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Photographing the Past - Welcome to my Blog

Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present might sound complicated, but it is the simple idea behind Dear Photograph. Who knew such a simple concept could produce such emotional and elegant imagery?
Business Insider calls Dear Photograph “A must-see for anyone who appreciates photography to document life's memories.” The Gaurdian reminds us of the impermanence of digital photography, and encourages us to make prints from our digital lives. I find myself returning to Dear Photograph time and time again, to take in other peoples nostalgia, other peoples memories. Dear Photograph reminds us all of why family photographs are important. It compresses all that I do creating slide shows and photo albums into just one photo with one caption, telling an entire family story in a snapshot. Take time out of your schedule to photograph your family, your friends, your life. Surround yourself with the images of the people and places you love. You never know, one day, years from now, you might want to write your photograph a letter.

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