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Introducing A New Website

When I designed my website 5 years ago, responsive design (building a website that can be viewed easily on any platform) was talked about, but very new. While laying out my site I deliberately ignored phones and tablets, deciding anyone who wanted to view my website could go to a desktop. Devices were new and fun and shiny, but everyone had a computer at work or home they could go to.

Well, it's five years on, and oh how times have changed. With mobile viewing capturing more and more of the market, it was time to update. Today I am proud to publish my updated, fully responsive website. Every page has been created to display beautifully wether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

In addition to the new design you will find slide show samples, updated song suggestions and the launch of a new service I am offering, Shutterfly(TM) album design. You choose the photos, I design the album. A great way to create the albums you have always wanted, but never had the time to make. It is a beautiful world out there, with so many memories waiting to be shared. Wether we meet to discuss a baby album or graduation video, I look forward to creating something together.

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