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Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan - A Photographic Journey

blogEntryTopper"Have you ever had a perfect day?  The kind where everything goes your way and even better than you had imagined it? And everything feels right with the world, and all your problems seem trivial? Well, that's what this day was for me.  And its one of the reasons I'm so passionate about traveling. To be in a foreign place and have these incredible experiences makes me feel so fortunate and blessed.  I am truly grateful for the opportunities I've had in my life."


This is a quote from Amy, a seasoned traveller, after experiencing a glorious day during her vacation. Although not everyone can or will travel to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, we all have taken vacations that remain with us long after we have arrived home. Summer may be ending, but your vacation memories can continue to make you smile. Let Shutterbug Stories design an album of your summer fun so you can relive your perfect day.

You can view the full album of her journey through the caucauses here.
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